A very happy birthday to you, Mom! Click the button below, or slowly scroll down the page, to read about your birthday surprise.

"What Should We Get Her?"

Potatoes, maybe? Why potatoes? No idea really, but we quickly decided that potatoes probably wouldn't make the best birthday gift, so we kept brainstormig.


Ohhhh, a panda!

Someone suggested we get you a panda bear for your birthday, which would be awesome because you love pandas! Turns out you can't really buy them anywhere though, so we had to come up with something else.



Warm weather was thrown out there as an idea, but seeing as how none of us personally know mother nature, we didn't really know how to make that happen. So, we decided to simpify, and make you a book! And, while we were at it...


Birthday Wishes

Turns out there are lots of people that want to wish you a happy birthday, and we thought you should be able to see those wishes whenever you wanted. A happy birthday indeed!


Party Time!

Let's have a party! Not right now (although the first time you read this, we will sort of be having a party), but this summer. All of us will be there, and we'll have cake and ice cream and presents...no clowns though. Well, if you want a clown, we can get one. But anyway, we want to throw you a big fun birthday party with all of your kids! And while we're all together, we'll take a nice family photo that has everyone in it.


Lets Take a Trip!

And then, after making you a book and a website and a video and throwing you an awesome party, we still thought that your birthday wouldn't be complete without something big...something grand...something worthy of 70 awesome years. We decided that we should take you on a trip, anywhere of your choosing. We'd like to drive you there, celebrate as a family, have a wonderful time, and create beautiful memories. We'd like to take the Ford Family Show on the road for you!


So, Where To?